1. I was going to use it for XMRB, but the more I think about it, the less sure I am. XD I feel like people are pretty tired of crazy AUs so Cat Tribal Cherik might just have to be a personal project.

2. I saw a pretty red dress so I wanted to draw an Erika in it. Um…@U@; MHMM.

3. Back when I posted that Goggles app that allows you to draw on websites, I drew this with it. The app is so laggggy that I haven’t tried to do much else with it though.

But yeah. XD; These are just the sketches I’ve been sitting on while I work on commissions and pages orz. I can sketch pretty fast, but anything past that is slowww mooootion.

I sincerely, with all my being, hope you continue w/ the cat tribe AU. And someone writes for it. Oh my goodness. This is beautiful and so freaking sexy. 

*W* THANKS…I’m pretty psyched that you find them that interesting! And I will! Eventually. Just not anytime too soon. <33

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