XMENreversebang Prompt #1026 In Which there are lots of Big Birds. 

*Original Prompt Image: HERE (because it is super long and unfriendly to all that is tumblr photosets)

Ahem. Let me now start my rehearsed Beauty Pageant Speech in which I thank everyone and wish for world peace. No actually, I really want to thank Ximeria for being so kind and amazing. Also patient. And super enthusiastic about this whole thing, which was a lot more than I could ask for. I swear she is part angel and part spy.

She’s managed to make what was only a silly idea into a lovely story SO YOU BETTA GO READ IT OVER HERE @ AO3

I also want to thank the people in XMRB support chat for being very…well supportive and awesome in general. It was really amazing to see some of the community come together and bond in such a creative event that I hope to see it happen more and more often! Yeys!

And yeah. I would like to get some sleep now. So let me go do that. Maybe.

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