Erik’s people were brutally massacred when the Crusaders took Jerusalem. The sole survivor, Erik fled to northern Europe, only then to be captured as a thrall by Viking raiders. Since that day he has fought his way up to leading a group of Vikings on an invasion of the Christian mainland, killing every Crusader he can find. But when he captures a thrall of his own, a young witch who gives his name only as Charles, he discovers that there is a darker magic than his at work - and the fate of the known world may rest in his hands.

By Spicedpiano & Marimo 

Wow, so, every BB or RBB event seems to end with my near death because I always want to do more than I planned to do…hahaha. Many Many MANY thanks to Spicy for being her awesome and brilliant self. Constantly surprising me with how she brought the story to life. ;w; And being her kind and understanding self for when the sleepless nights got a bit too much in places!!! Hahahah. <3

And SO MANY MORE THANKS TO MAROURIN who. Happened to be there for a lot of the whining and was generally super supportive and awesome and beautiful. /many kisses. Seriously. If it weren’t for Mao, I might not have been able to pull this off. /desu eyes @

I’d also like to thank my beautiful twitter-chans for their support. ESP Kannibal, who for some strange reason, is always nice to me. /chus

P.S. DONT LET THE WARNING TAGS SCARE YOU AWAY. The fic has a happy ending. :D 

SO, now I will return to doodling random things for the fandoms I love and reply to the emails I’ve left piling in the corner because BB took about 80% of my concentration for a long while. 

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