I worried for 3 seconds on how I actually dont know anything about muscle/skeletal anatomy to pull this off but then I remembered this is SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN and they dont follow that anatomy thing. SO EHE. Colossal!Titan Erik looking extra happy because Charles who happens to wear the same things as Levi found him a cape. V.important things, that cape and Magneto beetle. 

(I imagine they have similar relationship as Ymir and Christa!)

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hahaha…I keep thinking Charles would be a great Hermann purely because he’s so ENGLISH but he’d never pass up the opportunity to link with a kaiju brain so…NEWT!Charles it is!

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XMFC - Pacific Rim AU Collab with Q!!!111 <3333 Omg. Ty so much for indulging me in this ohoho. <33

We did the lines together in Open Canvas and I took it into photoshop to do the coloring. : >


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This was going to be for the spn art challenge theme: Games AU with Dean as a Lancer from Tera (BECAUSE HE’D SO BE A LANCER, KAY) and Cas as a warrior, and not seen: Sam as Sorcerer…but I have no clue when I’m finishing this so here is a wip. 8D

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Happy 34th Birthday JAMES MCAVOY. <3333 

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Utena AU because…Dean is Michael’s Sword….(GET IT???)

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Hahaha…I run such a quality fanart blog guys. I’m so sorry.

This is a quick comic based on this CUTE STORY about a dog in love with the cat next door and the notes passed between their owners. ;w; Just imagine Fassy as Charles’ owner. Admittedly super rushed, look at that awesome bg skill. AW YEA. SO PRO.

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DeanCas CHUUU inspired by: This Post

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filename; lookdadnohands.png

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Wow, sorry for the lack of posting or any activity to indicate life at all! Haha. Things got a bit difficult while my Dad’s health started to noticeably decline (and parents that are sick are very over dramatic and prone to frightening you often via phone calls!) and my interest in fandom waned a bit. But here’s a doodle of Charles (Marourin already posted the version with her Erik on her tumblr so here’s mine with 200% more pink!) with a bit of DEANCAS I did with Marourin and Ka via OpenCanvas!

I finally got hamachi working again so if anyone wants to hang out and draw  together let me knowwwwwwwww. Doesn’t have to be fandom related or anything…but I will most likely doodle fandom related…jsyk

And for those who don’t know how to work either hamachi or OpenCanvas, no worries. SUPER EASY. I can walk you through it. XD

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Erik’s people were brutally massacred when the Crusaders took Jerusalem. The sole survivor, Erik fled to northern Europe, only then to be captured as a thrall by Viking raiders. Since that day he has fought his way up to leading a group of Vikings on an invasion of the Christian mainland, killing every Crusader he can find. But when he captures a thrall of his own, a young witch who gives his name only as Charles, he discovers that there is a darker magic than his at work - and the fate of the known world may rest in his hands.

By Spicedpiano & Marimo 

Wow, so, every BB or RBB event seems to end with my near death because I always want to do more than I planned to do…hahaha. Many Many MANY thanks to Spicy for being her awesome and brilliant self. Constantly surprising me with how she brought the story to life. ;w; And being her kind and understanding self for when the sleepless nights got a bit too much in places!!! Hahahah. <3

And SO MANY MORE THANKS TO MAROURIN who. Happened to be there for a lot of the whining and was generally super supportive and awesome and beautiful. /many kisses. Seriously. If it weren’t for Mao, I might not have been able to pull this off. /desu eyes @

I’d also like to thank my beautiful twitter-chans for their support. ESP Kannibal, who for some strange reason, is always nice to me. /chus

P.S. DONT LET THE WARNING TAGS SCARE YOU AWAY. The fic has a happy ending. :D 

SO, now I will return to doodling random things for the fandoms I love and reply to the emails I’ve left piling in the corner because BB took about 80% of my concentration for a long while. 

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I just love everything this episode.

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Since I can’t post XMFC BB wips and that’s what I’m going to be working on for a while…HAVE A SILLY SPN SKETCH COMIC I’VE MADE. \o/

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For the No one Knows Erik’s Eye Color square. XD I’ve seized the night for fanart!…and now sleep tiemz. ;w;

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haha  a quickie drawn as gift art for CHARLIE for her Fic As the Crow Flies. THAT IS AMAZINGLY FUN OK. I love her cracky fics and fic fics and just fics. = w = +

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