Wow, sorry for the lack of posting or any activity to indicate life at all! Haha. Things got a bit difficult while my Dad’s health started to noticeably decline (and parents that are sick are very over dramatic and prone to frightening you often via phone calls!) and my interest in fandom waned a bit. But here’s a doodle of Charles (Marourin already posted the version with her Erik on her tumblr so here’s mine with 200% more pink!) with a bit of DEANCAS I did with Marourin and Ka via OpenCanvas!

I finally got hamachi working again so if anyone wants to hang out and draw  together let me knowwwwwwwww. Doesn’t have to be fandom related or anything…but I will most likely doodle fandom related…jsyk

And for those who don’t know how to work either hamachi or OpenCanvas, no worries. SUPER EASY. I can walk you through it. XD

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XD Something silly for the holidays? MERRY XMEN/MAS EVERYONE!~ I wish I had more time for more drawingssss. ; u ;<3

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dressage Cherik.

Today at twitter seeing marimo’s headless knight pic from previous halloween reminded me that few months ago when dressage was one of the popular conversation topic (or at least Colbert was talking about it) I had this wip…now finished. 

Rider’s white pants, unf unf. 

Omg. I have a huge thing for Centaurs. *___* THIS IS SO HOT. <333

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Since baby Professor X didn’t show up in the baby AVX comic, so…


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I also did this ages ago.

I hope this makes up for everything else, Maimo.


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I made some Charles and Erik buttons! x’D And they came in today…I’m sorry that the quality of the photo sucks…I’m so poor I don’t have a digital camera…Hahaha! If you’re interested in getting some, let me know somehow. Just so I have an idea of how many I need..

(estimate price: 1.50 USD - 2 USD for one. >_> I’m thinking 2 if you buy single, 1.50 ea. if you buy multiples! :D)

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“Does it make any difference?”

“All the difference in the world!”


    Charles is since his youth in love with his best, but only friend Erik, the future King of Genosha, but doesn’t (want to) believe these feelings could be mutual. Instead he thinks Erik feels only responsible, because Charles is paraplegic since he fell from Erik’s horse as a child. When Charles finds the fairy Mystique in his kitchen, he helps her and is rewarded with three wishes. After he asked her to stay, Mystique convinces him to join Erik’s birthday party and gives him a pair of magic shoes so he can walk and dance for the night. Charles, however, insists that he doesn’t want to be recognized and asks her to change his appearance for the night……

Meanwhile Erik is tired of waiting years and years for Charles and writing endless letters to him, and decides that he should fall in love with someone else. Maybe the cheeky looking woman with the familiar blue eyes form his birthday party would make a good future Queen……

If someone had ever told Mystique that she would end up as a matchmaker for a sad, lonely *human*, she would have rolled laughing on the floor like a hot potato for the rest of her life……

#Ink your comics the traditional way!, they said. #Use ink pens!, they said. #It is much more fun than digital!, they said. #… #INKING MY ASS! I’ve got 50+ pages to ink for this comic and I can tell you, I’ve never done something more frustrating… I wish I was an octopus and had six additional hands to finish this monster. However, the pain just feels too good to stop now ;u;

If you recognized that Erik’s costume is heavily inspired by Ezio’s costume from ACB, you ROCK!


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There are two unclaimed Cherik stories at Marvel Big Bang!

Artist sign ups are still open. If you feel up for doing some Cherik art for these stories, please sign up and claim. If not, well, signal boost please? 

Story Summaries/Claims Post! The first one is number 5 titled “A Brother’s Love” under the X-Men category and the other is number 1 titled “untitled” under the Other Fandom Crossovers category.

To claim, comment on that post saying something like “I’d like X-Men 5. A Brother’s Love” or “Just this one. Other Fandom Crossovers 1. Untitled” OR you can claim both or more from the other categories. 

Sign ups are located here! You don’t have to sign up before you claim, you can do it after.

I’ve already claimed 2 stories, I can’t take on any more. Any help is great. Thanks guys!

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So, what if the white mage was Charles Xavier and the black mage was Erik Lehnsherr? XD 

[my own old and currently irrelevant caption. these are two of my babies. :) ]

ninemoons42 writes: mighty birdy

Erik has seen rather more than his share of transformations in the years since being hauled out of murky Miami waters, Hank’s having just been the first; he’s seen people turn themselves and others into fanciful beasts and techno-organic hybrids; he’s seen objects shifted forward and backward in time; he’s seen so many people attack with strange projections and conjurations; and there is the fact, of course, that he knows men and women who can metamorphose.

Today’s transformation is some kind of completely unholy and unexpected amalgam of those situations and at the end of it, the - thing - in the center of the classroom is or was the man Erik woke up next to - and Erik has to recalibrate his ideas of reality and weirdness very, very quickly, because one of the students has apparently transformed the Academy’s headmaster and lead science instructor into this: a yellow fluffball of a bird, sitting atop the desk at the front of the room, stubby feet tipped with sharp white claws hanging off the edge; Charles’s cardigan seems to have not only survived the transformation intact but has adapted to fit around the rounded body and, for goodness’ sake, wings.

“Please tell me this is only temporary,” Erik says, and the students all nod their heads, and Ororo says Charles’s condition might even wear off before the day’s done - so Erik steps back toward the door: “Back to your rooms or whatever it is that you do before you have to go to Azazel’s history class,” and over the sound of the children picking up their bags he adds to Charles-the-bird, “Coming?”

Yes, please, I am really not up to teaching any classes looking like this, is the mostly fond and only a little irate reply; Charles blinks those still-improbable blue eyes once and continues, I don’t think I’m going to get any kind of respect if I’m like this, and the younger ones in this class have already tried to cuddle me and pull on my feathers, and I love them all but even I might resort to, I don’t know, biting, or is it pecking, if I am manhandled any further. 

Whereupon Erik shrugs and says, “Can you speak?” and he watches Charles open his beak: the sound that comes out is “Kweh” and Erik thinks he might actually sympathize with the children, because he’s no fan of avian life, of feathers shed all over the place and sharp beaks and claws, but this is Charles and this is, dare he think it, adorable.

KWEH. Silly, fun to read drabble! *__* 

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Professor X: “the franchise just simply outgrew him.”


Via 4xontuesdays:
Brian Michael Bendis: When I joined the X-Men office I was quite surprised what a polarizing figure Charles Xavier had become among the editors, creators, and readers… Analyzing it, it is clear that the franchise just simply outgrew him. All of the characters had moved on to a place where Charles himself wasn’t really needed anymore. I don’t think anyone did it on purpose; it was just one of those organic storytelling things.

Disclaimer up front: I LOVE CHARLES. Now, unpopular opinion time. I think there’s something to the idea that the franchise outgrew Professor X. (Not Charles Xavier, note. Professor X.)

The X-Men comics started as a teenage power fantasy. Everything about the premise is set up to create opportunities for adventure stories showcasing those power fantasies. You’re an ordinary teenager, but then you find out you’re a special kind of person with special powers! Not only that, but you’re tasked with defending ordinary people from others with special powers! But of course nobody appreciates you for mowing the lawn getting good grades saving the world. You’re a misunderstood hero!

Professor X began, imo, not so much as a character, but as part of that fantasy setup. He has a shitload of money so that the X-Men can live at his awesome mansion and have all the coolest toys. He has a vision of peaceful integration so that the X-Men have something noble to fight for. He’s in a wheelchair so that the writers had an (ableist) excuse to leave him behind the lines, so that the teenage X-Men always get to feel like they’re out having adventures and doing battle on their own. Yet his telepathy is ludicrously overpowered so that he can always save the X-Men if they get in trouble.

Professor X is a teenage fantasy Dad/God, basically: he bottomlessly bankrolls the X-Men, inspires them, and stays out of their way, but will always come bail them out with his near-omnipotence if they need it.

Read More

OMG. THIS THIS THIS THIS. I agree, that there is a certain idea behind it, but, I don’t think they’ve treated his character much justice. He’s so much more than plot device, but that’s what he’s become. I agree with the distinction between Charles Xavier and Professor X SO MUCH. The kids have grown up, moved out of the house, Charles can be Charles again but Marvel pretty much felt like he’s useless without his Prof. X tag. : l And the article made it sound SO PERMANENT, that I cannot help but dislike the way Xavier was discussed.

Btw. I love you Ces.

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We have lost our Serenity and all I have left is Rage.

Best way to put it.

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That Marvel interview about what happened recently is riling me up more than I care to be riled up (the last time I felt this fucking murderous, kill-all-the-stupids-valar-fucking-morghulis was DC’s 52 reboot, which all but catapulted me out of the DC solar system).

Just. JUST. Seriously. You mean there’s no room for complex, multifaceted, long-term scheming (yes, heisscheming, or planning if you will) characters who are the very metaphors of dichotomies (physical vs mental, emotion vs control, ruling vs serving, fear of self vs assertion of identity), hmmm? That we can all just optic blast our way through a problem.

“the franchise outgrew him”!? Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Your approach to writing character (and this is a very central character) smells strongly of regression, sirs.

I’ve already thrown a big ass tantrum on twitter, so I shalln’t repeat that here, but holy fuck guys. I am so angry at everything right now.

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FOR REG’S BDAY, I actually finished this ahead of time because I thought I was late, and then Reg informed me of my folly. …apparently the safest way to get a bday present from me is to confuse me with an earlier date so I’d get it done on time. Haha! =W=;

Anyway, this is Charles and Baskerville from her The Bell’s Toll fic, which, if you haven’t read it. You should.

It’s a few days early, but I hope you enjoy it REGGUPA.

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Two down, four or five more to go.

What could be more adorable than little Charles and Erik playing together? Little Charles and Erik helping each other ;_____;

Omg. Cela these are sooo amazing. *__* That Charles is so cute. <3<3<3333 And the colorssss.

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Happy majorly belated bday MO!

T_T I’m so sorry this is so late and is so crappy—consider it a bookmarker for when I can get you a real bday pressie. I couldn’t decide what to draw you so I took a stab at dragons and tribal cats—I did warn you I sucked at dragons majorly.

*hug* I’m glad you had a great bday you beautiful beautiful person. Thank you for being one of my best fandom friends and putting up with all of my bitchiness and moodiness and my meness. I wish I could express how much you mean to me properly—but I can’t so have this as a placeholder T_T

Omg. d;slkf MAOOoooouuuuuoooiuououfsdk;ljd. ;o; jesus. I dont even deserve this sort of thing and Idk what you’re talking about ahahh beautiful person?!~ Xhdflskdj HAHAHA. BUT AW. I THROW IT BACK AT YOU. You’ve had to shoulder the times I just feel argumentative and contrary and put up with as many of my moodswings as they happen so a BIG HUG OF LUFF and thanks because this is so sweet. And lol I don’t really put up with anything. XDD I tend to expect people to be themselves around me and YOU HAVE and I still like you so we’re good, yeah? XD THINK NOTHING OF IT.

Now I want to put dragons in my tribal!cat AU. I’m totes considering it. I dont even know. ;saldkhg;sldkfj. *HUG* I LOVE IT. SO MUCH. YOU HAVE NO CLUE. And no. I think this dragon is much more dragon like and badass than any I’ve drawn to date. *SWOON*  ;slakfj. AND THIS IS MINEEEEEE.

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