dressage Cherik.

Today at twitter seeing marimo’s headless knight pic from previous halloween reminded me that few months ago when dressage was one of the popular conversation topic (or at least Colbert was talking about it) I had this wip…now finished. 

Rider’s white pants, unf unf. 

Omg. I have a huge thing for Centaurs. *___* THIS IS SO HOT. <333

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X men - Erik X Charles

Oh, yeah.♥

I’m always in favor of Erik carrying Charles, especially when Charles looks completely in control, as here; his expression is wonderful.

Relevant to all my interests *_*

*___* Oh, this is lovely. I especially love their arms. Haha. <3

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XMFC Reverse Bang Prompt #1045, dragon!Erik and Charles

The Affairs of Dragons by Takmarierah

When Charles sees the dragon on his balcony, he suspects that he’s losing his mind. When he starts hearing voices, he’s certain of it, and the realization that magic is real is little comfort when these newfound abilities threaten to destroy his life. He has no choice but to accept his enigmatic neighbor’s offer of training in exchange for a promise - that he will repay that favor, when asked to.

Like many promises in the world of magic, however, this turns out to have unexpected consequences.

GUYS! READ IT! Tak has been amazing and wonderful, SHE EVEN DREW AMAZING ART, HOW COOL IS THAT. I still have some wips and I’ll post later once I am done, blame Tak for continuing inspiring me :D

Holy. Crap. Pala this collection IS AMAZING. And that title….NOW I DEMAND THIS IN GAME FORM—*SHOT* HAHAH <333 These are all so loveellyyyyfhsdlkj <3

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X-Men Reverse Bang Prompt # 1023

After finding out he doesn’t going to live long, Erik decided to do things he wanted to do but didn’t have the courage to—including asking his crush out for a date—a stranger who he saw everyday commuting. He didn’t know they would actually be together. Any details up to writers. Prefer good ending: so Erik was mistaken in the beginning.

One of my xmrb prompts! :) 

Unfortunately my writer went MIA in the beginning, so there’s only art here. 

Nooooooo. Come backkk authorrrr. TDTTDTDT i really wanted to read this too…le sigh. But the art is quite lovely as usual. ;w; maybe you can just continue it with arts—-

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The Adventure of cat!Charles: A game is now online! 

It is a html 5 game, so as long as you have a pretty up-to-date browser it should run! This is just a simple and quick platform game, used to test out how the game engine Construct 2 works because I was curious, so nothing fancy. There might be some bugs in it that are not my fault (such as it might have sound effects, but might not :/) 

I still have other ideas (such as having cat!Charles riding on dog!Erik and there are some tasks only they can accomplish together, etc) but this is it for now! I need to move on to other projects, but I might come back for 2nd level or something ;) 

Hope you have a little fun with this ;)

This was soo so so cute. I cant even. The little directions were so cute, and then Charles’ reaction to each element in the game was so cute and then SO CUTE DID I SAY? TOO CUTE—perfection really. I was hoping that i’d gain a life and burst into hearts whenever i touched an Erik tho. but as;ldkfh <3 I could play this all day.

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;) hopefully soon…

adsl;hsdlkj MUCH EXCITEMENT.

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Reading direction from right panel to left and up to down.

Later when Genosha’s counselors went to ask Lord Lensherr to sign treaty, they found Lord Lensherr and Xavier in a very compromising position and also questionable clothing. 

Game of Throne inspired Cherik comic. Which has nothing to do with Game of Throne. I only remember what Kurt Marko looks like in the Xmen animation, so yeah.

I ended up redoing the whole paneling so everything is rushing again T_T o well I get this out of my system now! They are more like bros, though now I look at it Erik seems more like an elder brother. 

Happy McFassy Tuesday!

omg second to last panel is probably my fav. and fffff YOU ARE TOO GOOD PALA. NEVER STOP. I love Erik’s iron skirt toooooo. al;sdkfjsd;lkfjsd. I, your ideas. I want more of them. Always. <3

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My little universe.

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Chef Cherik <3 One of the unused ideas for xmrb.

I love food A LOT (not even kidding) so it is natural that I think about a story that one of them or both of them are XD And uniforms are cool.

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Continuation of this Mutant Generals

Was drawing for xm reverse bang, but then I did another one XD

I just…really want a troll!Teasing!Actually-good-person!Shaw lol

Omg. That raven is SO pretty in the back…and yes. Your Beast!Hank is always my favorite.

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cat!Charles and cat!Erik. It is for something that I’ll probably showing off later once I receive it ;)

My priority LOL I am supposed to work on xmrb and yet I am drawing kitties…KITTIES ALWAYS COME TOP IN MY PRIORITY


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XMFC Cherik fanbook “Antagonist” international sale start!

(Through March 31st, may extend or end early depends on stock)

Will have a sheet of English translation! :)

I am not directly handling the book this time, so please make sure you get both steps correct (especially the currency part! And also the correct amount) It will be really hard for me to correct any changes ><

Please reblog for people who might be interested!

Ohsh—-*__* *throws money at*

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Cover for my friend’s Cherik book Last Carnival

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XMFC Cherik Comic Fanbook “All Roads Lead to Love” Order Information

Sorry for the wait! I was even thinking starting the sale on Valentine’s Day but it is starting now! :D

It would be great if people can reblog and spread the word to others who might be interested, thanks! <3

jfc, I hope I dont reblog to the wrong blog again—hahah BUT YEAH PALA’S COMIC IS AMAZING. BUT YOU DIDN’T NEED ME TO TELL YOU THAT.

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My Barbaric Darling by baehj2915

Erik being the actual caveman who Charles discovered in his own yard.

Erik trying to kill a bear to woo Charles. It is hilarious. Go read it :)

Oh god yes. This fic is one of my favorites. …this fanart kind of makes me sad though. I love pala’s bear. He is so cute. Don’t hurt him Erik!

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