X men - Erik X Charles

Oh, yeah.♥

I’m always in favor of Erik carrying Charles, especially when Charles looks completely in control, as here; his expression is wonderful.

Relevant to all my interests *_*

*___* Oh, this is lovely. I especially love their arms. Haha. <3

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Two down, four or five more to go.

What could be more adorable than little Charles and Erik playing together? Little Charles and Erik helping each other ;_____;

Omg. Cela these are sooo amazing. *__* That Charles is so cute. <3<3<3333 And the colorssss.

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Happy late birthday Marimo!

I owed you a pic for your birthday, I didn’t know what to do and then you go and  mention Dragon!AU with Charles kidnapping Erik because he wanted a princess and mistake him for one. Well, I do love me some dragons, and it’s been a long time since I draw one :3 And… I have this magic wand voice in my head thing that tranforms everything I want to draw in Cherik things, so… here it goes, Pudgy!Dragon!Charles! Sorry I don’t have lots of time to clean and make it better but I hope you like it! <3

It was another long, boring night guarding the door to the princess’s bedroom, which was generally more a matter of keeping headstrong Princess Raven in than keeping anyone else out. Still, Erik remained vigilant, weighed down in his leather armor, spear at the ready. One valiant act and he’d achieve a knighthood. A knighthood would gain him admittance to court for the knighting ceremony; only at court would he have access to Lord Shaw. He didn’t imagine he’d be able to escape the castle after gutting a noble, however minor and ill-favored, but justice was worth any price.

The opportunities for valiant acts had so far been absent, though. Erik was beginning to think he might have to manufacture one. Perhaps he could hire a sorcerer to create the illusion of a mighty beast; surely simply fighting off a chimera would be enough to earn a knighthood, he wouldn’t have to slay it and come up with the body. A brief illusion of a massive scaled monster, a sufficient quantity of smoke, confused witnesses, blood on his jerkin, and he’d be Sir Erik within a fortnight—

His own thoughts were so full of illusory violence that the sudden crash of wood and stone seemed almost the product of his mind; Erik poised himself for battle, spear hefted, dagger in hand, and his eyes grew wide as he saw the massive scaled body among the dust and smoke and recognized the unmistakable shape of a dragon. Here was his chance, then, aim for the eye or the crease of the underbelly, dodge the claws and flames— he gave a loud battle cry and moved to strike—

The creature’s tail whipped around, wrapped with firm flexibility around Erik’s waist and chest, and lifted him easily onto the beast’s back. The enormous wings struck the air, caught the wind, and brought them in no time to dizzying heights, among the low clouds. Erik struck again and again at the tail and ridged back, but his spear and dagger merely skipped off the tough scales, and no matter how he strained, his spear couldn’t reach the beating wings.

When the beast landed, it used its tail to return Erik to the ground. The moment it released him, Erik seized his chance and attacked. He should have waited a moment. The dragon’s tail was still behind him, and it simply slipped down the back of his jerkin, pulling him back by his collar. While he was regaining his feet, the very tip of the tail flicked his spear and dagger out of his hands. And in a deep and strangely cultured, polite voice, the dragon said, “Whatever are you doing, princess?”

“I’m not the princess!” Erik shouted. “I’m the royal guard.”

“No need to shout,” the dragon said mildly. “I’m sorry. I thought you were the princess. I’m afraid my eyesight isn’t all it could be, when I’m like this.”

“When you’re like this?”

“A dragon,” said the dragon, as if that made any sort of sense. Its giant head lowered close. “And your voices all sound very squeaky to me, when I’m in this state. It’s hard to tell you apart. You don’t mind if I check, do you? Raven does enjoy teasing me sometimes.” And with that, the giant beast snuffled at Erik’s hair and licked the side of his face. “Oh! You really aren’t Raven,” said the dragon. “I do apologize.”

Omg…Ces. You..;dsf;aklda;l SCREAMING HAHAH THIS IS SO CUTE. Hahah omg Charles claiming that everyone sounds squeaky and the same in that form. THATS SO CLEVER ds;agkhds <3 And Licking to find out whether it was raven or notsd;flkjd I LOVE YOU GAISSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssss.

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Yeah I finally finished this!

inspired by stewardess’s Prometheus fic Imperfection

Really beautiful fic, and the words about David, Nine and the scenes are emotional. I almost cried when I read “They were at the remotest point on Earth, cut off from all the world, but they were no longer alone.” 

Thanks stewardess for writing this amazing story. Q_Q 

dskjfalsdkfj how did I miss this?! omg T__T nooooooo Charlesss. Omg the painting is so pretty and elegant.

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Thank You! Atelier-Dayz »

My massive thank-you to Miya for supporting the Bituin at Araw project (you can still donate!). She asked for ChErik, so I drew them in her Olympic AU (with fencer!Charles and swimmer!Erik) and just in time for the Closing Ceremonies. 

I totally squee’d over this excessively over email and twitter, but OH MY GOOOOOOOOD SO MUCH LOVE. THANK YOU KEIO <3 (I want to add this to my phone but it’s kinda NSFW XD) Just look at it everyone! Hnnng <333 This is what I imagine happening right after this pic. *hugs Keio again*

(Btw the link doesn’t go to my Olympics AU ;] I’ve fixed it here though lol)


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a couple of mutant dragons for the loveliest marimo ♥

Omg T__T Cat, you just know what I like so well and this is so beautiful and perfect and sd;lghas;dlfkj their colors on their horns and AHggslf;kjs WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING. THANK YOUuuu f;lsdk 

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my X-men Reverse bang 1st prompt (number #1015)

A crossover universe between XMFC and Prometheus.
today is my posting schedule but no fic accompanion yet.

Will poke my beloved writer ASAP.

HOW DID I MISS THIS. OMG THIS IS SO BRILLIANT—and i hope your author is able to finish the fic to this soona;lgkshf;lsdkj. MUST READ IT.

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20XX Olympic Team, Charles Xavier, Age 25

(Based on this ad.)(Also, the bonus version :P)

First Cherik Olympics AU pic! Which probably took too long for me to consider a sketch but eh. I’m on the fence on if I should pretend it’s the 2012 Olympics. (And is Charles on the US team or British team? XD) I’m also not sure about Charles’ age, but 25 is apparently the average age? So, I might change the age later but for now, 25!

* q * Hot…

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A while back, I drew Charles in a dress shirt. And THEN, the most wonderful Marimo drew the Erik companion piece (<333) And Clocks asked for these two to be posted as a photoset so here we go! :D

(ETA: Nooooo, tumblr, why is mine bigger than Marimo’s? D’: GDI.)

Hahah this kind of happened in xmrb support chat. Miya was tossing out love pics here and there…so I contributed? 

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Dragonoid!Raven from the fantasy AU, colored.

Maybe I’ll have to make a separate page for this AU very soon…

HNNGHHH WHY SO SEXY. It looks sooo niceee. I love her dress so much. *__*

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Colored version of this. More fantasy AU stuff.

Spellsword!Erik actually doesn’t wear capes like this, but this is for the VISUAL.

l;k;ladkh yae being badass as usual. 

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late night OC session with mo

Captain America and Thor!

Woohoo. XD Oh god. The issues are so visible for me right now but you know what, it was a fun doodle with a friend. I CAN FORGIVE YOU ANATOMY FLAWS. 

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The paired butterflies are already yellow with August

Just a quicksketch of something autumny, because it’s summer. Yep. 

(also inspired by this beautiful thing omg. I think it IS supposed to be this beautiful thing.)

Your work always has this elegant atmosphere~! Hnngh.

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Because he’d known what it was like to be different and unwanted, and gods were also children, once.

Maimo encouraged me to try out panel art/ sequential art, so since it’s new territory for me, I’ve decided to be kind to myself and just do it in b/w. Manga is b/w anyway, haha. This first stoooopid attempt is for her <3 

Also, I crossover EVERYTHING. This is from the thought that the Tesseract makes its victims’ eyes blue, but Charles don’t need that thang.

OH MY GOD. This is so lovely. *__* What do you mean stoopid attempt?? It’s good to experiment with paneling and it only starts to get easier with practice…as is true with everything else in art. Except LOVEEE…*cough sorry* AND I LOVE THIS IDEAasdf;lksjdf <3<3 And the way you approach negative spaces. A lot of the story can be told using them as well. It feels like it might be very instinctive for you! (Though, since it’s manga, it’s read right to left? I’m so used to doing things left to right..) 

Also, the spaces between panels can be used to indicate flow of time so small spaces = quick succession in events, larger spacing = broken up. (But like I said, guidelines, not exactly RULES of comic)

You were also good with keeping Charles on the left side of your panels and Loki on the right so it makes it easier to understand who’s who. It’s generally advised against flipping them unless there is a good reason to do so.

ANYWAY I LOVE THESE, and so far, the only thing I’d like to change about them is that I kind of wish there were a bit more spaces between the panels on page 2.

Note: Never use shoujo manga for your paneling reference. XDD

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Killing Shō will not bring you peace.

Tengu are also vengeful or protective mortals that kind of get stuck in their ‘curse’. TheHoyden brilliantly illustrated this in her story. This is the moment the boy from the slain tribe transforms.

T3T your AUs…I wish you would comic them. They’d be so lovellyyy.

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