David 8/Leto.

*__* Oh…this would be very very interesting.

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Such an exquisite being.

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“Good Morning”

I thought this is much better than the color one, so I deleted the previous post.

Sorry!! >”<

Actually I want to go to sleep now…XDDDDD

Always reblob delicious gabbi arts!

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I just love the fact that this 2 have the look of love for each other also when they are blogged separately!

McFassy is wanted by the universe

just sayin

oh my god, this looks like a scene from their bedroom.

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This is what happens when me and my boyfriend talk about McFassy.

?!?!?!?!?!!!! I’m a bit…disturbed…hahahaha.

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zimmafee: So. Giant McFassy AIM RP group time.


This is going to be weird. but yeah. I’ve decided to organize an RP group.

There’s an actual plot, I swear to God.

So basically this:

Divorce didn’t happen.
Erik and Charles are recruiting and they come across someone who can mess with alternate universes.

As in, when they touch people, they…

This makes me wish I were an RPer—but I’m not! So just going to signal boost for those interested~

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You all know the interview where James and Michael talks about gingers being vikings and then they try to speak Old Norse or something like that..?


It’s sounds like James is saying “wanna fuck?” in Norwegian..

I watched that interview assuming that they were mate calling each other. Since Michael and James responded to each other so eagerly. And the facial expressions they made during it…


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((ooc; So I did this

Not sure why))

This is…amazing.

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XMFC Cherik Comic Fanbook “All Roads Lead to Love” Order Information

Sorry for the wait! I was even thinking starting the sale on Valentine’s Day but it is starting now! :D

It would be great if people can reblog and spread the word to others who might be interested, thanks! <3

jfc, I hope I dont reblog to the wrong blog again—hahah BUT YEAH PALA’S COMIC IS AMAZING. BUT YOU DIDN’T NEED ME TO TELL YOU THAT.

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Because it’s Tuesday, and because it popped up on my dash on a Tuesday: reblog.

They’re like kittens <3

That last one in the set…that little reach for James’ hand, like he just wanted to touch it. It’s so cute. I can’t stop looking at it. *chinhands*

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If X-men: First Class crossed with Sound of Music, this is how I imagine My Favourite Things would have gone.

So. Like um, this is what I think about during family dinner parties.

*snorts* I think of more…NC-17 stuff, but this is cute!

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Part 1 – a list of authors and fics

Authors: Pookahseraph | Etirabys | Yahtzee | Tawabids | Clocks | Alishatorn | 
Pockyslash | Manic_intent | Regann | Thehoyden | Nekosmuse | Aesc | 

Stories: “Nine Eleven Ten” | “Limited Release” | “What Not To Expect When You’re Not Expecting It”“Utopia” | “Time To Grow”“Our House, In The Middle of The Street” | “Rumor Has It” | “In The Punchline” | “Humane Society” | “Love” | “Cause and Effect” | “Gods Among Men” | “The Noise” | “These Bridges We’ve Built”“Shout It Out Loud” |

*I have explanations for why I recced these, but I’m going to have to put it in a separate post here

Part 2 – Awesome artwork and artists

Artists: Palalife | Lobeeinthesky @T | Gingerhaze | Koalatree | Morethnus | Timbitsu | xGogolex | 4xontuesdays | Jamesorangecat | Kannibal | Salternates | Aquesoushumour  | Nolee | Ile-o | Area51 | Pibi0192Lynneh | Katy-romance

Art: I Want You By My Side by brilcrist | Erik with glasses by 4xontuesdays | BB!Charles and Erik (TW: Abuse) by aqueoushumour | My other mutation by Ile-o | Charles/Logan by timbitsu | Brandon/Martin – once again the fandom makes everything AWESOME by xgogolex | Cerebro by nattie-chan | Take Me Back To The Start by gabrielmanga | Cherik Art for The Tower and The Hurricane by lobeeinthesky

Part 3 – Awesome videos

Vidmakers: lightneverfades + tumblr | VilyaXxXollwyna | xDarkSerpentx |

Videos: I’ll Make a Man Out of You (Gen) by VilyaXxXollwyna | Rolling in The Deep by arefadedaway | Supernatural by cleuq | There! Right! There by tizumis | I Just Had Sex by thelivelifejack | The Casino Royale Trailer by starrose20| In Memory of Charles Xavier by xdarkserpentx | Suddenly by lightneverfades | Body and Soul – once again, relevant proof that this fandom thinks Erik and Charles are meant to be in EVERY universe by lightneverfades | Set Fire To The Rain by tardis221b | Like a Boss by forgerness | Moves Like Jagger by jvitriol | Defying Gravity by woldis1 | Battlefield by jedijanine2

Part 4 – Navigating the politics of X-Men fandom (or, all the meta), as well as resources and sites to eat your gigabytes

META/RESOURCE POST: A Theory on Mutant Powers by alara_r

That Damned X-Factor Gene and the Magnus Clan – Theories about the mutant gene 
», a VERY informative website about Magneto, which includes a 616 verse Biography and an analysis title “BFF: Magneto and Professor X” and of course, one on Magneto and his many relationships (with bonus Charles in the bottom) – this site is AMAZING.

They all have a manifesto, which was written way before the  First Class movie EVER came out, in 2004 – here, by alara_r – with of course, fic recs that are from before X-Men: First Class. I really recommend everyone check it out.
 »’s Charles Xavier site*
 »’s Mangeto site*
 » Offpanel Magneto site*
*note that these sites are pretty old by internet standards

An X-Men First Class Visual Primer or: BROKEBACK MUTANTS | X-Men First Class: A Love Story | How long Charles and Erik must have known each other / An XMFC Timeline by pookahseraph | Why Erik is Possible or Possibly Real and That Fucking Beach in Cuba | An e-online article supporting the Cherik – or, it isn’t only fangirls!

COMIC SCANS: Alishatorn’s scans to Ultimate X-Men #20 » Uncanny X-Men Download Issues 001-525 » Comic scans on erik_charles

A 5 Part guide to the Charles/Erik dynamics in comic canon – part 1 2 3 4 5 by ishtar79 (ALSO RELEVANT TO META/RESOURCE POST)

LIVEJOURNAL: erik_charles and oldfriends on livejournal, which is probably what we ALL use to get our daily fix + the two kink memes: 1stclasskink and xmen-firstkink.
 » McFassy and DailyMcFassy for your RPF/S needs
 » XMMFF – X-Men Movie Fan Fic
 » James McAvoy LJ
 » Fassbender LJ

The fandom is tragic – so we have a support group! Yes – this is for real. I’m sure some of you didn’t even know we HAD  a support group here

FACEBOOK sites: because obviously I like feeling complete – McFassy | Fassavoy | X-Men First Class | X-Men Movies | Marvel Comics

MEDIA MASTERPOST: James McAvoy Masterpost by iago_rotten | Michael Fassbender Masterpost by taddykaplan | McFassy Interview Masterpost by swarleyy | X-Men First Class  BEHIND THE SCENES IN 8 PARTS / 35MM Special* | James McAvoy interview downloads - @Graham Norton* @Jimmy Fallon* | X-Men First Class complete score (with 13 more tracks than usual) | X-Men First Class screencap download HD

*comes from this lj entry

FIC RESOURCES: Fic recs by funiculi-funicula | Twitter fic recs by me | Tumblr weekly recs | WIP Updates | WIP Masterpost | Tumblr X-Men Fic Recs | An X-Men First Class AU Masterlist | Bea’s XMFC Recs | The X-Men: First Class tag on Delicious | Fic recs by czarnyma

@A@; oh my god, I’m not sure what I’m doing on this list of fandom giants, but this is an AMAZING list of resources so—wow the meta and resources (I’m proud to say that I’ve been on top of the fanfiction and art area though, so I’m already following/have read most of them—hehh…I have no life…) but everything else is pretty new to me!~

Thank you ragingserenity for putting together such a lovely list!

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I can’t help but giggle at James’ man purse…I wonder if he keeps some of Michael’s things in there when they’re together..

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may the odds be ever in your favour: Little McFassy story


My friend’s Dad works in the film industry, and he does visual effects.
She was telling me today about a funny story he has from when he scanned James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender for X-Men: First Class.

Basically, James was walking toward her dad to shake his hand, and he went across the…

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Dont ask. omg.


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