(Er, I am not affliated with TIME Magazine. This is just a spoof based of this cover.)

So not one of the pics for the 30 OTP Challenge, but obviously still a pic from Olympics AU. Charles totally has this magazine. For Reasons. ;) (I will have a bonus comic to go with this soon!)

BTW, I should mention, in this AU, Erik has no idea Charles exists until they reach London, because fencers don’t get as much coverage as swimmers, and Erik is super focused on just swimming to care about the other athletes—until he spots Charles at the Olympic Village of course lol. Charles, on the other hand, not-so-secretly drools over Erik. A lot. ;]

A..BONUS COMIC. MIAO. YOU ARE A LADY AFTER MY HEART. s;lakghas;dlkfj OMGOMGOMGOMG. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS AT ALllllllll. sdl;sakhflskd I still love the “Pool Shark” hahahah. I hope you have a higher res available for printing or postering idk.

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“Congratulations, Charles, and my answer is yes.”

(30 Day OTP Challenge - 01 - Holding hands)

Marimo and I are prodding each other to do the 30 OTP Challenge. I figured I’d might as well have the pics set in Olympics AU. ;)

Imagine this as right after Charles’ individual epee match, probably the gold or bronze medal match. Jenn and I haven’t decided what medal he wins yet. But it’s something like Erik comes running to watch Charles’ event after his swimming for the day was over. I’ll leave you guys to figure out what Erik said yes to ;)

(This pic is the one I end up losing 3-4 hours of work on. I hope it looks better than the original lineart, but no clue now ;__; )

I’ve already squealed myself silly over this art in all of its various stages but let me do some more here. EEEEE. I LOVE ITttt it’s so cuteee. <3<3<3 This is such a great start to the challenge…I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE REST NOW. *__*

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