elsian answered your question: ;afkd HI GUYS. It’s that time of…uh time where I…

Chobits Charles and Wesley, perplexed Erik /shot

Omg…AHAHAHfs.dkjf;. This sounds fun. Hahah. <:3c Now where would Charles’ pesky on/off button be, hmmmmm.

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At last! The secret sneaky project is revealed…


To express my love and gratitude for the supportive, wonderful, and beautiful people of the McFassy is Classy chat, I present you all with a 100-word drabble of a pairing you like, including a scenario that I hope you can enjoy. 

Warning: Some of these are rated a bit higher than others (there’smaturecontentokay).

Thanks for being my friends, guys. I appreciate and care for every single one of you. You make this Feesh stupidly happy.

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dfls;jfs FEESSHHH. This was a lovely surprise ahahal;sdkjf <3333 Bawww, you’re such a sweetie!

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