Might as well finish off the rest of the paper. It was really tempting to make Arrow Collar spoofs out of these even though the styles don’t match at all.

Now that pencil maintenance is out of the way, how about working on that WIP list, self?

*u* <3333 Oh this is so gorgeous, Cela!

Wow! This is amazing!

Oh god wow, the things you can do with a pencil…or two. That looks like it’d eat lead up so fast hahahah. <3333

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David will be able to read the dreams of the passengers of the Prometheus via the helmet he is wearing. See the picture in the middle? Its an isolated shot of a part of the lower picture. It says ‘Neuro-Visor Link Established.’ Interesting…

GUYS! There’s an XMFC plot bunny there! David 8’s helmet is just the current version of a technology that used to be called Cerebro - and the thing that David 8 realizes in the two years by himself on Prometheus is that there is some kind of ghost in the machine - in the helmet. The ghost of a man with blue eyes and floppy brown hair, the image of a person who could speak mind-to-mind, and this ghost is reaching out to David 8 through space and time, asking him for help….

Hnnnghhh. The thing I look forward to in the future are the awesomely sexy user interface designs because I demand that we get the same sleekness that we see in our movies!! sd;lfkjsd. And I want an AI like Jarvis. /OFF TOPIC.

And ooo. A plot bunny spotted.

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The next thing is to develop, make your own stories with writers, gather a pool of creative people and develop stuff. So it’s not the fact that I’m waiting for someone else to hire me or I’m waiting for a really good script to arrive, I’m actually trying to make that script.

—Michael Fassbender June Esquire 2012 (via fassbendertheginger)

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Omg. Seriously love the lighting. *___* This is so prettyyy. AND OF COURSE. AS ALWAYS. YOUR COLORING IS BEAUTIFUL DAHLINK. <3

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Hmm, not sure how I’m supposed to submit this to the happybirthdayfassy tumblr. (The photo insert was not working for me!) So, submitting this here.


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Whenever I draw I invariably reach a point where I get super fed up with my drawing and then I create a new layer and just doodle on it. This was the point at which that happened for this completed, much more totally serious piece.

I dedicate this to Meg. Because she is hilarious and also helped me through my frustrations with the finished work. :)

I do this a lot too…there’s nothing more satisfying than making fun of your own work..

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zimmafee: So. Giant McFassy AIM RP group time.


This is going to be weird. but yeah. I’ve decided to organize an RP group.

There’s an actual plot, I swear to God.

So basically this:

Divorce didn’t happen.
Erik and Charles are recruiting and they come across someone who can mess with alternate universes.

As in, when they touch people, they…

This makes me wish I were an RPer—but I’m not! So just going to signal boost for those interested~

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You all know the interview where James and Michael talks about gingers being vikings and then they try to speak Old Norse or something like that..?


It’s sounds like James is saying “wanna fuck?” in Norwegian..

I watched that interview assuming that they were mate calling each other. Since Michael and James responded to each other so eagerly. And the facial expressions they made during it…


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“The real enemy is out there. I feel their guns moving in the water, their metal targeting us. Americans, Soviets, humans, united in their fear of the unknown. The Neanderthals are running scared, my fellow mutants.

;slkdfj;akdj THE FEELS. Ka and I had like the most epic srs talk about how awesome Charles is over msn and this scene and I’M SO HAPPY THAT WE DID. S:LGKJSD:LFKJD ILU KA. <3

And then it degenerated into my mecha kinks. And Ka just nodding at me. But it’s okay. I hope.

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Because it’s Tuesday, and because it popped up on my dash on a Tuesday: reblog.

They’re like kittens <3

That last one in the set…that little reach for James’ hand, like he just wanted to touch it. It’s so cute. I can’t stop looking at it. *chinhands*

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Faces of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr (Actors in X-Men Films)

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If X-men: First Class crossed with Sound of Music, this is how I imagine My Favourite Things would have gone.

So. Like um, this is what I think about during family dinner parties.

*snorts* I think of more…NC-17 stuff, but this is cute!

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So, by now, everyone’s probably heard about the rumours about Fassy being abusive, right?


There is no evidence that he did any of the things his ex said he did. In fact, he was allegedly out of the country when this happened. The woman also has a history of lying about previous partners and filing for abuse.

Guys, please don’t base your judgement on one Tumblr post linked to an article with NO EVIDENCE.

You know, the timing of these accusations are ALWAYS when Michael is getting ahead in life. It’s like some people out there can’t stand the idea of his success. (Or that some people are happy for his success!) I’ll eat these words when there are some actual proofs that he’s abusive.

Until then, innocent until proven guilty guys. It’s actually a law! 

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