The bold. The Beautiful. The Potato.

Mo wants potatoes.

Mao. Stop teasing me. Crying. POTATOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssss.

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A while back, I drew Charles in a dress shirt. And THEN, the most wonderful Marimo drew the Erik companion piece (<333) And Clocks asked for these two to be posted as a photoset so here we go! :D

(ETA: Nooooo, tumblr, why is mine bigger than Marimo’s? D’: GDI.)

Hahah this kind of happened in xmrb support chat. Miya was tossing out love pics here and there…so I contributed? 

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late night OC session with mo

Captain America and Thor!

Woohoo. XD Oh god. The issues are so visible for me right now but you know what, it was a fun doodle with a friend. I CAN FORGIVE YOU ANATOMY FLAWS. 

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