doodles inspired by Michael Fassbender’s new film Frank (news here), obviously I have no idea what this film is about nor his character’s personality, so everything is pretty much made up except the outfit…plot bunny just keeps running. 

I know some people hate this (like making every single film into Cherik/McFassy AU) but oh well, now I am satisfied XD I was talking to friends about Erik as an aspiring avant-garde musician who is always wearing false head, and Charles was the first person who is not from this particular music genre circle that talks to Erik like he doesn’t realize that false head exists. [Time skips] At last Erik took off the false head, wears a fitting suit to attend a charity ball Charles throws (Charles always inviting him to perform, but Erik always silently refuses). And Erik proposed to Charles, but Charles rejected him saying something like “Sorry I already kind of like someone else” and it turns out that someone else is the Erik-with-false-head, but since Charles doesn’t recognized Erik without false head at all…ok I am done.


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And one more: 


Happy New Year everyone! That’s the ice wine I got from Canada, yum. 

eeedftedgjnfegh omgggg this is sooooo adorableeeee! Happy New Year everyone!

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dressage Cherik.

Today at twitter seeing marimo’s headless knight pic from previous halloween reminded me that few months ago when dressage was one of the popular conversation topic (or at least Colbert was talking about it) I had this wip…now finished. 

Rider’s white pants, unf unf. 

Omg. I have a huge thing for Centaurs. *___* THIS IS SO HOT. <333

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Prometheus David 8 + cat!Charles. The messiest and forever-wip comic strip. 

I finally suck it up and finish this in one sitting, just to get it out of my system, thus super messy and bad anatomy and all that. I vaguely remembered someone mentioned something like this (cat!Charles being swallowed by alien and then reborn into human hybrid form?). 

#ow my heart cat!Charles has a little vest like David’s#happy ending

Oh! This is perfect!

OMG……if Cat!Charles still keeps cats’ habbits……

He’ll lick himself and David, rub their bodies to show friendship or admiration……


oh my god. This is so cute. Make all the comics Pala! *___* You draw such cute cats f;slakghsld

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Charles/Erik 04


Okay, okay, I’m posting it now ;_;


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Bwahahah VERY GOOD CELA. VERY GOOD. And yes it’s kind of cheating but it’s still arse appreciation even if we’re not invited. I love how..chillax Erik is while Charles does all of the work…

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For Marimo, who mentioned an AU in which one Charles Xavier, dragon, decides to redecorate his lair with a princess, and really can’t be blamed for how similar humans all look to each other.

Still, the situation might not be entirely unsalvageable…

 #yeah it’s crack, #my personal headcanon goes on to say, #that Charles doesn’t actually speak the same language as Erik, #and so they have to make do with pantomime and what little they each know of OTHER languages, #while Charles tries to teach Erik the dragon language, #and also tame him to be more civilized and do crazy things like BATHE, #and they have dragon tea parties, #and at first Erik is a beloved if foul-tempered pet, #until they learn to communicate better and actually start seeing each other as equals.

OMG. TALES IS KICKING MY BUTT SO I DIDNT SEE THIS UNTIL NOW Adnfa;lsghas;dlkjf OMG THOSE TAGs.s df;lk AHAHAH. YES. YES TO EVERYTHING. Imagining them having to pantomime through their communication issue should be interesting. Esp when Erik is trying to bodily express his rage at being shown dresses that are fluffier and lacier than the last one.

AND LAUGH. THAT TAG ABOUT THE BATHING…ERIK. I hope you at least wash your junk more often than the rest. >_>


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Charles’ ass porn 

Very much like. //^ q ^// Omg those round cheeks..

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X men - Erik X Charles

Oh, yeah.♥

I’m always in favor of Erik carrying Charles, especially when Charles looks completely in control, as here; his expression is wonderful.

Relevant to all my interests *_*

*___* Oh, this is lovely. I especially love their arms. Haha. <3

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“woah! erik we’re floating how are you doing that??”
“hush charles… i’m trying to concentrate”

Oh my god, this beautiful drawing.akd flskdghlj. *LOVES IT*

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Two down, four or five more to go.

What could be more adorable than little Charles and Erik playing together? Little Charles and Erik helping each other ;_____;

Omg. Cela these are sooo amazing. *__* That Charles is so cute. <3<3<3333 And the colorssss.

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I’m starting a food porn series it seems. This time’s theme: yogurt. :)

This one’s pretty…tame? XD

^ q ^ Food Porn, I can get behind this. And AWWW OMG. ERIK’S NIPPLE IS AMAZINGLY CUTE?!?! And I love the little blushies~!!

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urstruly replied to your post: urstruly replied to your photo: Knight armor…

I have been a bad Tak :c

#I will color this at some point #and it might end up getting cropped smaller?? #because Erik why you so tiny bb #Charles is saying ‘here put this on you look uncomfortable’

Omg, Takma. You are truly brilliant and I adore you and this is da beste. And just. Yes. TO everything. s;lhga;ldkfjasd;lkfjs. It gives you more leg room to do all of your moves with the sword, you see? Trust me. This is a very good idea, Erik.

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Happy late birthday Marimo!

I owed you a pic for your birthday, I didn’t know what to do and then you go and  mention Dragon!AU with Charles kidnapping Erik because he wanted a princess and mistake him for one. Well, I do love me some dragons, and it’s been a long time since I draw one :3 And… I have this magic wand voice in my head thing that tranforms everything I want to draw in Cherik things, so… here it goes, Pudgy!Dragon!Charles! Sorry I don’t have lots of time to clean and make it better but I hope you like it! <3

OMG SHA. I CANT EVEN. YOU REALLY DIDNT HAVE TOOOOO DRAW ANYTHING FOR MY BDAY BUT SDFL:KDGHS:LDFKJS:DLKFHS:DLKFJDS:L *FALLS TO FLOOR AND ROOOOLLLSSSS*** omg and you drew Kidnapper! Charles dragon too jesus.dfkhad;lkfjs.d HAHAH SO CUTEEEEEE. Poor Erik. All he had to do was guard a stupid door, how did this become his life?! hahaf;ldkj At least Charles is better company.

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Might as well finish off the rest of the paper. It was really tempting to make Arrow Collar spoofs out of these even though the styles don’t match at all.

Now that pencil maintenance is out of the way, how about working on that WIP list, self?

*u* <3333 Oh this is so gorgeous, Cela!

Wow! This is amazing!

Oh god wow, the things you can do with a pencil…or two. That looks like it’d eat lead up so fast hahahah. <3333

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Happy majorly belated bday MO!

T_T I’m so sorry this is so late and is so crappy—consider it a bookmarker for when I can get you a real bday pressie. I couldn’t decide what to draw you so I took a stab at dragons and tribal cats—I did warn you I sucked at dragons majorly.

*hug* I’m glad you had a great bday you beautiful beautiful person. Thank you for being one of my best fandom friends and putting up with all of my bitchiness and moodiness and my meness. I wish I could express how much you mean to me properly—but I can’t so have this as a placeholder T_T

Omg. d;slkf MAOOoooouuuuuoooiuououfsdk;ljd. ;o; jesus. I dont even deserve this sort of thing and Idk what you’re talking about ahahh beautiful person?!~ Xhdflskdj HAHAHA. BUT AW. I THROW IT BACK AT YOU. You’ve had to shoulder the times I just feel argumentative and contrary and put up with as many of my moodswings as they happen so a BIG HUG OF LUFF and thanks because this is so sweet. And lol I don’t really put up with anything. XDD I tend to expect people to be themselves around me and YOU HAVE and I still like you so we’re good, yeah? XD THINK NOTHING OF IT.

Now I want to put dragons in my tribal!cat AU. I’m totes considering it. I dont even know. ;saldkhg;sldkfj. *HUG* I LOVE IT. SO MUCH. YOU HAVE NO CLUE. And no. I think this dragon is much more dragon like and badass than any I’ve drawn to date. *SWOON*  ;slakfj. AND THIS IS MINEEEEEE.

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