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wait I don't understand did they kill Charles? DID THEY KILL HIM FOREVER?

Oh, it’s not really that they killed him off that pisses me off…he’s died many times…. Here is the full article for your perusal:

But pretty much, the parts that pissed me off was:

Brian Michael Bendis: When I joined the X-Men office I was quite surprised what a polarizing figure Charles Xavier had become among the editors, creators, and readers. Maybe it’s because he’s bald but I never have a problem with him. Analyzing it, it is clear that the franchise just simply outgrew him. All of the characters had moved on to a place where Charles himself wasn’t really needed anymore. I don’t think anyone did it on purpose; it was just one of those organic storytelling things.  

I spent a lot of time championing his place in Avengers Vs. X-Men only to find that I was really one of the only [people] who cared how he felt about the whole thing. After one of our retreat days a small group of us got together and the question was brought up that maybe he would be more interesting dead post-AvX than he was in life pre-AvX.

This is not surprising news for me at all. I had suspicions of Marvel’s rather chilled ardor for Charles Xavier, but now it’s been pretty much confirmed and I am just angry and hurt because he’s my favorite so I am a messy ball of emotions. :(( I’m sorry if I appear to be overreacting.  

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“woah! erik we’re floating how are you doing that??”
“hush charles… i’m trying to concentrate”

Oh my god, this beautiful drawing.akd flskdghlj. *LOVES IT*

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XMFC Reverse Big Bang Art Prompt #1040 ‘Roman AU’

Artwork for the Xmen Reverse Bang on LJ

My second prompt for the XMen Reverse Bang. My pinch hitter author, Clocks, is still working on the fic so I’ll link when it’s available!

= w =+ Oh man, this is nostalgic. I still remember how this was the drawing you were working on when I first spoke to you in XMRB chat and it feels like AGES AGO. I’M GLAD THIS IS GETTING A PINCH HIT. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY. 

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Reading direction from right panel to left and up to down.

Later when Genosha’s counselors went to ask Lord Lensherr to sign treaty, they found Lord Lensherr and Xavier in a very compromising position and also questionable clothing. 

Game of Throne inspired Cherik comic. Which has nothing to do with Game of Throne. I only remember what Kurt Marko looks like in the Xmen animation, so yeah.

I ended up redoing the whole paneling so everything is rushing again T_T o well I get this out of my system now! They are more like bros, though now I look at it Erik seems more like an elder brother. 

Happy McFassy Tuesday!

omg second to last panel is probably my fav. and fffff YOU ARE TOO GOOD PALA. NEVER STOP. I love Erik’s iron skirt toooooo. al;sdkfjsd;lkfjsd. I, your ideas. I want more of them. Always. <3

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Well it all began with a man named Charles and his unfathomable lust towards a metal bending fiend named Erik… 

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(in which the preview actually looks better than most of the art combined..)

Wow, this was my first big bang EVER and it was quite the experience. I thank Etharei for making it as fun as it was challenging and oh god I really do wish I could have drawn her the best things because the fic itself is so nice (SO GO READ IT) but alas!  But the race to the last minute was great haha and I was only able to pull it off because I wasn’t doing it alone. (SERIOUSLY, THIS PARTNERSHIP WAS MEANT TO BE.)

SO. Enough rambling…GO READ IT.

And if you really want to suffer visually…here’s a separate post with all of the arts.

(That Etharei had to post for me because I was out cold when she uploaded them all. Haha;;)

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Children’s Book Explaining Homosexuality Between Mutants


Children’s Book Explaining Homosexuality…. with mutants.

(because it had to be done)

Banshee explains his living situation.

I just..wanted this on my blog. To have and to hold. Oh god that ‘sleep together’ face is so perfect that I don’t even..

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